Multi-Family Property Management

Owning an apartment building can bring daily stress and distractions. When you partner with Penn for property management, we minimize those headaches by overseeing every aspect of running your building. We have a solid track record serving landlords and tenants throughout Chicago and the suburbs. Our clients trust us to provide:

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Our Management Capabilities

Relationships are important, and we believe in getting to know our clients. We take their concerns into account to come up with the right plan moving forward. We cover all he scheduling, monitoring, collecting, paying, responding, and reporting. We excel at: 

  • Continuously monitoring market rents
  • Screening tenants 
  • Leasing open units
  • Coordinating with Section 8 and other orgnizations
  • Collecting rents & late fees, where applicable
  • Overseeing inspections
  • Establishing rent increases, as appropriate
  • Coordinating tenant turnover
  • Monitoring maintenance
  • Responding to tenant concerns
  • Paying bills as directed by client
  • Recommending & coordinating evictions 
  • Provide monthly reports & payouts to owners

 Looking for help with property management?

Since Penn has taken over my buildings in the South Shore neighborhood, they have been able to increase my rents significantly, as well as give me suggestions on how to be more efficient.  They have helped me become more profitable while also taking a lot of worries off my plate.
Lucien L.