Real Estate Brokerage Services

Penn has more than 20 years of experience providing exceptional brokerage service to buyers, sellers, and tenants. In particular, we are known for our:

Our Process

When you choose Penn to sell or lease your property, we follow through on all the details and make the experience as smooth as possible.

1. Execute marketing plan

We develop a marketing plan for each property, highlighting the features and benefits of the asset. This involves an offering memorandum, brochures, signage (if necessary), and postings on appropriate websites.

2. Identify buyers & negotiate offers

Our team contacts prospects and brokers and show the property to qualified buyers. We share marketing activities with our seller and adjust the strategy as needed. We review offers with owners and negotiate on their behalf for the best possible contract.

3. Sell property

When a property sells, we assist with closing tasks, including consulting with attorneys and completing paperwork.

Joe Esselman listed, marketed, and sold a commercial building for me and I couldn’t have been happier with the process and results.  He was knowledgeable and excellent in communicating the state of the market in general as well as how it related to my property. Once under contract, we ran into an administrative problem with the City of Chicago which was preventing the closing from occurring.  He worked tirelessly with his contacts, my attorney, and other resources to solve the problem and allow us to close. Anyone can market the property, but Joe’s value came in making sure the deal was completed.  That is why I feel he was absolutely critical in my ability to sell my property and reach my objectives.
Mike M.

1031 Exchange

A family inherited a commercial property and came to us for help on how best to maximize the asset. After finding a cash buyer, we helped the family invest the proceeds in a different property, an apartment building that would generate monthly revenue. The new investment property allowed the family to defer capital gains taxes and also maintain an income stream. We continue to serve this client by managing the apartment building for them.

Off Market Deals

Not all deals are listed for sale. Many times a client wants to make a deal quietly. In these situations, we rely on our established, strong relationships with property owners and investors. Because we understand what our clients are looking for, we are often able to match buyers and sellers without using the open market.

Long Term Client/Complex Transaction

A client we have worked for on several occasions was recently in the market to purchase a building for his physical therapy business. We met several times and looked at a number of buildings—all in an effort to narrow it down to the right one for him. After we settled on the perfect building, we helped him navigate the complex transaction. The property was tied up in legal limbo and required patience and experience to get to a closing table.

Commercial Brokerage

Thinking about selling a building? Find out if we’re the right broker for you!

Our brokerage team has the experience and knowledge to smoothly navigate the bumps  that arise with nearly any transaction.

Knowing Joe Esselman’s track record of multi-family sales in the south suburbs, we started consulting with him early regarding how to maximize the value of two apartment buildings in Blue Island. His insight regarding the nuances of the market ensured we positioned the properties for the best sale. After several showings he negotiated an offer near the top of the market.  Throughout the transaction he coordinated with the legal, financing, and inspection components to make sure we successfully got to a closing table. His advice, knowledge, and expertise were key reasons as to why we are so happy we hired him.
Medallion Properties